Hurts #6 - Exile / The Road


I'll let you into a secret (not really that big a one if you click on the labels on the left) Hurts were one of the very posts on this blog back in 2009 when I didn't really know which path to follow on this blog and was more into listening to live music than actual records, little did I know just how much my musical palette would expand over the next three years...

Hurts remain a band I appreciate, even when they found fame after an inclusion in the BBC Sound of 2010 poll (or in reality with the commercial release of their signature track "Wonderful Life) and found critics aplenty with the release of their flamboyant, synth-based pop debut Happiness. Still, I loved the album and included it in my top ten albums of the year, their blend of theatrical operatic-pop and brooding demeanor lifted directly from the likes of Tears for Fears / Pet Shop Boys is one that I can't help but enjoy.

Fast forward to today and Hurts have nearly a million fans on facebook and are about to launch their second album Exile from which this, "The Road" is naturally lifted. It's a fleetingly short track which finds Hurts continuing with their stylistic, grandiose, 80's leaning music, starting like much of Happiness with slow-motion instrumentation backing Theo's dramatic vocals, "The Road" though, morphs into something darker and dirtier than we've heard from them before with clattering industrial rhythms which is more akin to Depeche Mode than their previous radio pomp.

I like it. That's all that matters to me. Hurts for Eurovision 2013 please - we'd piss it.