Jodie Goffe #2 - Birdsong

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I may have just posted my 'Tips for 2013' posts last week but if I was a betting man I'd put this young lady down as a candidate for inclusion in my ones to watch in 2015 or 2016, Jodie Goffe already has one EP to her name, the heavenly The Day The Moon Left which I discussed back in March. I'm revisiting a track from it because a) when I covered the EP I'd not heard the six tracks in their entirety and b) a (rather chilly looking) video for "Birdsong" has just been released, it give me the perfect chance to fill these pages with more superlatives and hopefully lead a few people to discovering this sublime talent.

"Birdsong" effortlessly floats around carefully constructed guitar lines as Jodie's rich warming voice sooths all the days worries away, always dignified there is a deep sense of intimacy to her beautiful words and affecting vocals. A soft voice that immediately connects with your heart strings, go grab yourself a glass of malt whiskey and saviour this beauty below...

You can buy the EP from Smugglers Records on CD here or via iTunes now.