Like Spinning #2 - Walking In The Air

The final post before Christmas. I'm taking a very well earned week off from the blog and all that it entails. Shutting down my work email box and my blog email to spend some quality time with my family over Christmas (and most likely revisiting some old adventure games I've downloaded from!). It will be a very nice break from a hobby which takes up an incredible amount of my spare time, not that I'm complaining, if I didn't want to do this I could quite easily stop...

Anyway, you aren't here to read about my plans for the week ahead, there are quite a few acts I've grown to have quite the affinity to in the past twelve months through the blog and promoting gigs via Beautiful Strange, one of them is Like Spinning and this delicious version of "Walking In The Air" is easily one of the finest covers I've heard this festive period, led by a soft acoustic waltz Kari's gorgeous vocals (backed by another vocalist I don't know, sorry) are drenched in melodic sadness and beauty. Free download below.

Have a good Christmas folks!