Sheen #3 - Let It Snow


How about another little Christmas cracker, Sheen have been a London favourite of mine this past year or so with some online demos which finds a band happy in restraint (their live show takes on a different beast), with elegant shimmering melodies and serene vocals.

The band have given that treatment to a festive classic, with a version of "Let it Snow" which starts beautifully tranquil, with Aneta's ethereal lead, soft and delicate, bathed in swirling, luscious guitarscapes, the  slow, melancholic chords then explode at the mid point as the band stamp their own print on the track with a deep symphony of tropical beats, meandering guitar and vocal cries with a xylophone finale just to remind you it's Christmas...

Wonderful, grab it free below and look out for Sheen next year when hopefully they'll be sharing their debut album.