Velveteens #2 - Japanese

A thinly veiled motive of lacking the sufficient time to do the necessary writing for my 'albums of the year' posts this week means I'll bring you some new things that I've recently discovered instead, which is probably a good diversion and more in keeping with what this blog is about anyhow (saying that, the album lists will start next week).

I did an "Introducing" post on Velveteens a little while ago after two bedroom demos took my eye, the trio have now released another track in the form of new single, "Japanese", which continues Velveteens haunting, lo-fi ghost-pop where drum machine beats and elongated synth strokes meld beautifully with smooth cello orchestrations to make a melody rich and soothing. The best part of "Japanese" though are the gorgeous vocals, there are some heavenly vocal harmonies here, where the girls' dreamy voices perfectly compliment each other around the sparse instrumentation, a real muted gem.

You can download the track for however much you'd like via Bandcamp now. Stream below: