Woodpecker Wooliams #2 - Gull


Woodpecker Wooliams this week released the follow up to the incredible "Sparrow", "Gull" with an accompanying video which perfectly highlights Gemma's experimental folk-drone, a combination of the weird and the wonderful sees the track (taken from her bird themed debut The Bird School Of Being Human for Robot Elephant) live up to the self-penned billing of 'stories of birds, murder and madness'.

The video is bold and creative with full of bizarre / serene imagery, I'm not actually sure where to start, with the creepy she-birds perhaps or the demonic Gemma with (fake) bird guts in cages or the Woodpecker covered in white chalk/paint gentle playing a harp. It's one which you'd never expect to be associated with harps and folk that's for sure, but if you've listened to The Bird School Of Being Human you'll already know Woodpecker Wooliams is not your usual singer-songwriter. "Gull" combines Gemma's pure vocals (prone to the sudden outburst about cups of tea!) with delicate harp plucks and warped electronic ambience, haunting and other-wordly, it's another highlight from an album which deserves all the praise it's received from some lofty quarters (The Independent, The Guardian and more). Check it out below.

The Bird School Of Being Human is available now on CD/Digital and now also on a super limited vinyl run (of 200), which is available to buy here.