Bec Sandridge #2 - Wild Heart


Today is day one of my next marathon training and it's snowing, running and snow (well more over the ice that follows the snow, fresh snow is okay) really don't work too well so I'm a little worried right now, so instead of thinking of that I'll turn to a few music posts over my lunch break to improve my mood.

First up is one of my favourite 'new' singer/songwriter's Bec Sandridge who is about to record her new EP. A message on her Facebook page shortly before Christmas hinted that the video posted below is a track under consideration for it. A couple of listens to the track "Wild Heart" later and a couple of things come straight to mind, firstly the song shouldn't be 'under consideration', it should be a penned in guarantee and secondly, the Sydney folkstress is super talented...

"Wild Heart" sees Bec's beautifully accented vocals beguile around circling guitar patterns, a simple acoustic video it may be but it certainly whet's the appetite for that EP. If it's half as good this (and last years Lyons and Bees) we're in for a treat.