Daughter #6 - Still

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Since this video went live yesterday afternoon I've already come across three or four long, sweeping posts giving the track and artist, Daughter, universal praise and credit. As I've already done that on numerous occasions I'm going to try and refrain this time around, you know the drill by now I'm sure, it's Daughter after all, it's fragile, it's intimate and it's utterly wonderful...

"Still" is somewhat surprisingly Daughter's first proper video release and comes ahead of the trio's debut album If You Leave due on March 18th via 4ad. I went on a trip to Brighton a couple of weeks back to see the band as the London show had sold-out by the time I got my act together and I can promise you, if you've yet to see them live, you are in for a spine-tingling sensation or a hundred. Beguiling and timeless, Daughter is about to become your favourite artist of the moment.