Dog In The Snow - New Music "Introducing"

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Dog In The Snow, there's certainly going to be a few of them today, I'll focus on the music though and this Dog in the Snow are from Brighton, primarily the work of Helen Ganya Brown with support from Marie-Eve de Gaultier (according to their website), their experimental sounds come to life (so far) through three videos that combine striking visuals with haunting soundscapes.

"Concrete Wall" offers a beautiful, icy listen perfect for a day like today, a sparse musical canvas of restrained guitar awash with ethereal grace which makes for a ghostly, intimate listen full of melancholia which slowly opens up around the listener.

Likewise "Brother" is eerie / beautiful, the instrumentation remains stark but is strangely rich too, where repetitive guitar chimes and electronic beats make for a brooding, edgy affair while perhaps the finest of the three is "Africa", which starts off similarly subtle and delicate but blossoms around almost tropical rhythms and intricate melody to something much more expansive, something completely magical.

The tracks aren't currently available to download so enjoy these videos for now, I'm sure this is an act you'll be hearing much more from in the future months.