Embers #4 - Part of the Echoes

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I've been purposely slow on this post, there's not been a week gone by since the end of November when I've not featured Embers so I thought I'd give you a little rest before you thought I was a paid PR for the band, just a little one mind, I don't want you thinking I've gone off the band either!

After the majestic "Hollow Cage" was released to the world six weeks ago now the Internet (belatedly in my opinion) has gone a little bit potty (in perspective) over the Manchester band, the remaining copies of their debut 7" were promptly snapped up and a whole host of blog posts and radio coverage soon followed, the second part of their Gorton Monastery films "Part of the Echoes" was released just before Christmas and follows "Hollow Cage" as a piece of mesmerisingly brilliant work that will blow your mind away...

Leaving no time for you to catch your breath the quartets already signature sounds are instant evidence, "Part of the Echoes" is brimmed with shattered emotions, powerful and euphoric, wave after wave of shimmering soundcapes lead to another intense, rewarding and phenomenal track, cinematic and grandiose, soaring yet immediately beautiful, "Part of the Echoes" is another track to place in a so far impeccable discography.