Fear of Men #7 - Seer

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Before their expected debut full length later in the year the wonderful Fear of Men have officially announced the release of their forthcoming compendium LP Early Fragments (due via Kanine Records on Feb 11/12th), the eight track release is a reverse collection of the bands releases thus far (also including the swoonsome "Doldrums" from their second, self-released, demo tape) with one new  track "Seer" to kick off the LP, it's a beauty too...

Fitting perfectly within the bands current body of work "Seer" resonates exquisitely around the bands trademark guitar shimmers and sweet vocals whilst its military drum beat core threatens to escape, but it's the wistful, tender melody of "Seer" that pulls you in, fluttering somewhere between hopeful and heart-broken, however you want to describe it, we've been treated to another gem from this marvellous band.

Pre-order the LP via Rough Trade or direct and go see Fear of Men when they play London's Sebright Arms on February 11th - tickets.