Fifteen Tracks for 2012 - Part One

Here are my belated tracks of the year for 2012, though I think one or two of them could be argued to be from 2011, they came to my attention in 2012 and that's good enough for me! In order below but not really in any order of preference of such and naturally, there are many more songs than the fifteen I rate equally highly.

Split into two posts due to size. Second coming later on.

15. Hannah Cohen - Don't Say

Beguiling and beautiful, there's no finer introduction to the exquisite debut from New York's Hannah Cohen than the bewitching, poignant "Don't Say", heartbreaking:

14. Bec Sandridge - Over The Sea

I may have excluded Beautiful Strange releases from this little chart but that doesn't mean I can't include some of my favourite acts to play at the nights over the past year, up there was a breathtaking performance by Sydney's Bec Sandridge, "Over The Sea" from her debut EP a perfect example of her strong, emotive lyrics and hauntingly beautiful vocals which glisten like the sun on morning dew, just overwhelmingly gorgeous:

Bec Sandridge - "Over The Sea" from Lo Fi Music on Vimeo.

13. Chelsea Wolfe - Flatlands

Chelsea Wolfe's trademark bleak and eerie tension is replaced with something simpler and achingly beautiful on the stunning "Flatlands". The finger picking of Chelsea's acoustic guitar is delicate and soft, the backing violins devastating whilst Chelsea's hushed whispers are truly gorgeous, the introspective beauty in her words sure to bring goosebumps to many.

12. Haim - Forever

Sure to be one of the bands of 2013, "Forever" was the song that catapulted the sisters' to the worlds' attention, an absolute firecracker of a pop track, they'll be more to come this year, of that I have no doubt:

11. Pins - Say To Me

The Mancunian quartet quickly followed up a stunning sell-out debut tape with a four track EP that showcased a death-waltz or dark guitar led menace and brooding vocal cries, "Say To Me" perhaps the pinnacle of their recorded output thus far, astound me, you already have...

10. Alice Jemima - Far From Here

I'm losing count of the times I've been sweetly serenaded by the exquisitely soft voice and delicate guitar patterns of Alice Jemima in 2012, "Far From Here" exemplifies the relatively simple song-craft of Alice, instantly melting your heart with her prettier-than-words vocal, overwhelmingly charming and wonderful.

9. Savages - City's Full

The debut track by Savages, you all know them by know, "City's Full" was the perfect introduction to their raw dark art, a bucket load of intensity with rumbling bass lines, menacing drum rhythms and Jehn's venomous vocals Savages hit you like a ton of bricks and make you want to play them louder and louder, again and again. In 2013 thousands more will sure to so.

8. Fever Dream - Glue

"Glue" on of the stunning tracks from Fever Dream's debut EP hypnotises with rambling rhythms, spiraling around Adrian's vocals before exploding in a whirlwind of beats and guitar abuse. An awesome blend of noisy dissonance and dreamy vocal harmonies.