G AL P A L S - New Music "Introudycing"

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G AL P A L S (from now on referred to as Gal pals) are a two piece garage pop band from Austin, Texas and comprised of Jillian Talley and Lauren Marie Mikus. On their debut track "For Our Sake" they are the polar opposite of the weather we're being treated to so far this week, so hopefully you're equally in need of some warm, fun-time pop as the cold snap bites.

If so, carry on reading and this little number will definitely answer your prayers. A track so infectious it hurts, "For Our Sake", is a short, sharp burst of fuzzed up wonder, with chiming guitar, sunshine hooks and bubblegum pop choruses so catchy they should come with a prior warning.

Listen or watch the equally fabulous video below, grab some sunglasses and pretend it's summer already ... Pre-order the limited to 250 debut 7" via Howling Owl Records.

G A L P A L S - FOR OUR SAKE from cassandra lee hamilton on Vimeo.