Sea Lion #2 - Love Story


Sea Lion (Linn Osterberg) has one of those beguiling, beautiful vocals that I could listen to every night, soothing and bewitching, her voice could heal any wounded heart and sooth tired limbs.

Since my superlative laden review of her album Guns of Alaska Linn has released a couple of covers on her soundcloud, the latest is "Love Story" (a cover of the track originally called "Where Do I Begin" and made famous by Andy Williams on the film of the same name). It runs at only two minutes in length but is mesmerising, a simple pared-down beauty as heartfelt and understated as anything you'll hear. Gorgeous.

I've also included a live version of "Sun Lions Army", a track due for inclusion on Sea Lion's forthcoming 2013 album (details yet unknown) which gives another introduction to her intimate, ethereal wonder.