Secret Mountains #2 - Coasting

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I've not featured Secret Mountains here for over two years, I'm not too sure why I'd seemingly forgotten about the Baltimore group. It appears from a brief study of their website that there has been a few EP's and a single over the period that I've missed but I'll start with the track that brought me back to the sextet "Coasting", the lead track from the groups forthcoming debut LP Rainer - due February 22nd via Friends Records.

To start with a summation, "Coasting" is a rich tapestry of textured bliss where a flickering portion of propulsive rhythms, spooked atmospherics and subtle, nuanced guitars sent you to an allured, almost druggy-like state as gauzy vocals and beautifully composed melodies full of originality immerse you completely.

An overdue visit to the 'missed' releases discovers a fantastic EP Winter Sessions, similarly hypnotic and soulful. "Make Love Stay" combines explosive, cinematic landscapes full of sweeping melodies and heart-warming vocals with languid shimmers on the gorgeous "Weepy Little Fingers". "Golden Blue rattles along with carefully crafted rock melodies blending into psychedelic guitars and shadowy beats, progressive, experimental, wonderful, however you want to surmise Secret Mountains, this is a band that you could truly become obsessed with. I doubt I'll be 'forgetting' about them any time soon.