Snakadaktal - New Music "Introducing"


Continuing the mix of catch-up tracks from December and the New Year is Snakadaktal (your guess is as good as mine for a meaning on that), an Australian quintet who shared the track "Chimera", as their first UK release (for free download) last month ahead of a single in early February via Young & Lost Club ("Dance Bear", which you can similarly stream below), both tracks introduce a Foals-like chiming pop sound that's sure to find them as many fans in the British Isles.

"Dance Bear" starts cool and laid-back with seductive vocal whispers and a star-bright melody, the slow-motion vibe then transforms around electronic beats and shimmering soundscapes with the tracks explosive chorus, the chilled-out / dance cross over then continues to a storming drum-laden finale.

"Chimera" is more relaxed and smooth but will set your toes tapping despite its restraint with flickering midnight synths, 80's guitar riffs and gentle percussive flickers combining with the soft, luscious vocals of lead-vocalist Phoebe Cockburn to dreamy effect. Delicious.