Statues Made Of Matchsticks - New Music "Introducing"


By the sheer volume of it I post, I clearly have a fondness of Scandinavian folk, often rich melodies drenched in melancholia and pure vocals, if you can guess at my musical palette from reading this blog then you'll know it's no wonder it often hits the spot with me. The latest act on my radar combining just those traits is Finnish trio Statues Made Of Matchsticks, who like Greymouth from earlier this month, call Helsinki their home.

Statues Made Of Matchsticks formed last year and don't appear to have any official releases to their name yet but with four tracks to stream on their soundcloud (and download free too) there's enough promise on display for me to post an excitable new music post...

"Rotten Place" is the complete opposite of its title and is adjective defyingly beautiful, the formula is simple throughout, little more than stripped-down guitar-and-voice, but its often the simplest melody that leaves the lasting impression and that's definitely the case here, graceful, soothing and completely irresistible.

"Morning Sun" is another pastoral beauty, a gentle melodic dance between guitar and banjo and the exquisite, dream-like nature of singer Hanna-Riikka's vocals. It may be Winter outside but listen to Statues Made Of Matchsticks with a glass of something nice by your side and I promise your day will suddenly see a glimpse of Summer.