The Blog Sound of 2013: Final Five

Just before Christmas this blog (alongside a whole host of other UK blogs listed in the original post) revealed the fifteen acts which made up The Blog Sound of 2013. (Head to the same post for the full details of the acts and artists in the long-list).

Today's follow up posts is to share with you the final results, the top five acts as voted by the blogs involved - I posted my initial thoughts on the artists that made the long-list already and if you cross-reference that post you might be able to work out the two acts I voted for that made the final five, which can be revealed today:

5th The Neighbourhood - Website

3rd= Pins - Website
3rd= Savages  - Website

2nd Chvrches  - Website

1st Haim  - Website

So, as with so many polls, there is no real surprise with the winner of the Blog Sound of 2013. Haim are one of three acts (Savages and Chvrches the others) who also made the BBC Sound of List (for which this alternative list was - for good and worse - born to compliment) and the US sisters are surely good value to top that list too.

The Blog Sound list veers more to the alternative/indie side of things with little to no impact from rap artists in its lists. Of course there are more criticisms you could level at theses lists. I read one comment on the BBC Sound of forum (perhaps it was at The Guardian) which stated the list was rubbish because "I've never heard of these acts". A nonsense comment if you've ever heard one, surely that's the reason for such things, to share new bands with a wider audience. Not that Haim need any help, their music does more than enough.

A playlist of the top five artists is below (you might want to turn it off before track five!)...