The Sinclair Sinclair #2 - The Dreamers Of The Dreams /

I gave a glowing 'new music' post to Estonian bedroom act The Sinclair Sinclair last November when their debut track "Feel" hooked me under its wings with a tantalisingly beautifully, dreamlike melody, last week the duo released the follow-up to that release, their debut EP, the four track self-released The Dreamers Of The Dreams (available to download free via bandcamp),.

It proves the superlatives thrown at "Feel" (included as the EP's closing track) were not used in vein, from the moment the opening track, "Dreamers of the Dreams" starts you are immersed fully in an intoxicating blend of rich, blissful vocals and subtle, minimalistic synth / guitar soundscapes.

The gorgeous, ethereal landscapes don't stop there, amongst an ever thumping bass and drifting vocals there is a chilly yet building sound on the marvellous "Pessoa" while the languid daydream of "Everyone Around Me Is Desperate for Love" is spine-tinglingly, a sound full of space and emotion that should soundtrack many a private, intimate moment.

Slow-burning melodies, truly beautiful, haunting vocals and immaculate instrumentation, The Sinclair Sinclair should be Estonia's finest export - download the EP whilst you can.