Torres - New Music "Introducing"


One artist that seems to be doing the rounds of primarily state-side blogs is Torres (not Fernando) with her (the 22 year old singer-songwriter Mackenzie Scott from Nashville) debut track "Honey", it's not hard to see why it's had such an impact either because it's an utterly wonderful introduction to potentially a future star.

"Honey" starts with a contrast between the velvet-toned vocal and the amped-up guitar fuzz which gradually builds to become the focus of our attention, upon swathes of feedback and vocals now bathed is sweet reverb "Honey" transforms to a fractured, raw anthem to rival the likes of EMA, honest and intimately intense with shades of darkness all around it's as compelling a track as 2013 has offered so far.

"Honey" is debut track from her debut album (also entitled Torres) due January 22nd.