Tyrannosaurus Dead - Sadie


My labels are failing me here, I'm positive I've posted about Brighton based fuzz-pop band Tyrannosaurus Dead previously but I can't find anything, so I'll have to only apologise and play catch up. I'll start with the recent though and "Sadie", the lead track from the bands forthcoming 12" EP Pure // Apart due in May via Odd Box, a fast-paced whirlwind of intertwined vocals and noise that takes approximately .02 seconds to grab your attention and doesn't let go one bit until it's over. Cue one big mosh-pit.

The previous EP, the sold-out cassette Lemonade combines the same 90's loving lo-fi noise with a more melodic, introspective side, as seen on the beautiful "Banner" and the seductive haze of "Always Fine". The title track "Lemonade" rattles along with distorted guitars buzz and the gorgeous, shared vocals of Billy & Eleanor (the latter also of The Hundredth Anniversary, who themselves have a new single due soon which I'll be covering shortly) and "Misery Guts", the fastest of the lot, driven along by infectious harmonies, crunching riffs and crashing beats. It's ace, fun and I'm sorry I appear not to have covered it sooner.

Tyrannosaurus Dead play with the wonderful Fever Dream at Ryan's Bar in London on Feb 2nd - I'm just back from Brussels that night and doubtful but you should go - details.