Veronica Falls #10 - Buried Alive

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Making a second album better than your debut is a tough ask, often a band/act has half their life to make album one. They can use songs from previous acts, solo projects or tracks written over a long period of time, often these end up released in one package as a debut album, then after positive reviews and perhaps label interest / signing a band has about twelve/eighteen months to tour that record and to write a new one at the same time. Perhaps it's to expected then that some bands whose debut was praised to the hilt promptly find plaudits harder to come by second time around, sometimes perhaps it's just too much of an ask too soon. On this occasion though, I'm posting about a band who might just have made a second album that surpasses the debut.

Veronica Falls have been so prolific in the past couple of years it has almost felt like they never went away at all (in a good way, not like that annoying neighbour who is always on their drive when you leave your house) and after 2011's wonderful self-titled album charmed the pants of countless number of us they've already spoilt us with the exquisite "My Heart Beats" and "Teenage" from their forthcoming second LP Waiting For Something To Happen, due Feb 4th via Bella Union, now they've make it a clean hat-trick...

"Buried Alive" is playful and infectious from the off and combines the bands infinite charm, fuzz-pop hooks and ominous sense of immediate death. All wrapped up within three minute of sweetly-sung, quick-paced wondrousness "Buried Alive" is indie pop at its succinct, effortless best.

Ordering the album from Rough Trade is advised, not only do the band play an in-store on February 6th but you also get a bonus CD of covers - the first cover EP was excellent - I expect this one will be too. Details here.