Waterbaby - New Music "Introducing"

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Martha and Jessica Kilpatrick are the London-based siblings Waterbaby, the newly formed duo whose debut track "Shadows" is an eight minute epic that heads straight to the top spot of 'best tracks I've heard in 2013 so far' (n.b. it came out in late 2012)....

Whilst listening to "Shadows" (like I am right this second for about the sixth time in a row) I can't help but think of fellow bedroom synth-pop / doom art merchants Terror Bird as the tracks dramatic heart and brooding atmosphere channels powerful and emotive dark visions through the mournful dash of stabbing piano chords and heartfelt yet chilling vocals. Managing to sound both celestial and cinematic "Shadows" is a doomed anthem for those of us with an appetite for the dark side.

The only other track to stream so far is "My Heart is a River" which offers no respite from the prevailing gloom but is softer and eerie making its mark through repetitive, haunting keyboards, reverb-laden vocals and minimalistic arrangements, such beautiful desolation, tangibly stirring stuff indeed.

Make sure you download the tracks from Bandcamp.