Widowspeak #4 - The Dark Age / Thick as Thieves


Widowspeak continue to spoil us with appetisers for their second album Almanac (due via Captured Tracks on January 22nd with this special edition vinyl looking extremely eye catching), after the wonderful "Ballad of the Golden Hour" came "The Dark Age" just before Christmas, a track drenched in the bands signature dusty, twangy guitar and hollow drum rhythms, this one though races along at a faster tempo than much of the duo's earlier work and really does rock-it-out around Molly Hamilton's gorgeous, wistful vocals, longingly seductive, "The Dark Age" does nothing but further heighten expectation for that album.

Yet, if that wasn't enough, yesterday saw the release of another track from Almanac, "Thick as Thieves" is eerier and stripped bare, amongst it's reverb-drenched haze of a melody is spidery violin, accordion and intricate guitar, sparse and haunting this hushed beauty is another winner from this wonderful band, one of my most anticipated albums of the year so far, I can't wait to hear it in full...