Wilsen #3 - Anahita Single Release

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I'm posting about a song I've posted about on a couple of occasions before. Why? Because it's my blog and I make up the rules! In all seriousness that's pretty close to the truth but the catalyst is some exciting developments about the track "Anahita", by the incredible Wilsen.

Taken from Sirens, a record I named my number three album of 2012 a few weeks ago, there's news of a single release (available digitally & on CD from the Wilsen site on 18th February) and a new take of the track...

"Anahita" still runs at seven minutes but this is the most cohesive release its seen thus far, with Tasmin Wilson's beautiful vocal whispers ebbing and flowing around delicate, shimmering instrumentation. The exquisitely arranged track builds from languid and deliberate beginning to a soaring crescendo of harmonies and powerful drums and it's (still) truly, truly stunning.

The single will be backed with album track "Lady Jane" and with any luck if I keep mentioning Wilsen you'll all realise just how gorgeous, intimate, spine-tingling (add your own superlative to suit) their music is.

Fall in love below.