Young Unknowns #3 - Covers

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Young Unknowns got a few of us new music bloggers hot under the collar towards the end of last year with two wonderful tracks shared from their debut EP You Are A Young Unknown. "Far Enough" and "Target Practice" introduced a luscious cocktail of smouldering melody and crisp, driven indie-rock choruses, now before heading to London town in a couple of weeks time (with two gigs currently planned, the first on Feb 5th at Buffalo Bar - details) the four piece have shared a couple of pared-down covers highlighting a softer, minimalistic side to the band.

Their version of the Cars classic "Drive" is completely stripped back of its mid 80's synth beat and pace, transformed into a tender, heart-wrenching ballad with little more than flickering atmospheric beats and Meredith Meyer's gorgeous vocals. Words which could equally be used to described an equally brave choice of cover, Springsteen's "I'm On Fire", where delicate acoustic and cavernous drums lay the tapestry for Meredith's whispered vocals - with the final minute especially beautiful. Two breathtaking, melancholic covers that Young Unknowns have made their own - stream below.