Bird #4 - Ophelia


Bird were one of my favourite discoveries (or you could almost say re-discovery after I originally posted about the band under an almost completely different line-up back in July 2011) of the second half of 2012. A couple of stunning live performances and a magical, otherworldly EP Shadows propelled the Liverpool trio into my 'Tips for 2013' lists. Now with a new EP, Ophelia, due for release on February 14th via Jack to Phono Records (and a two week long UK tour starting the day after - full dates) they've already started filling columns in publications a bit more lofty than this - check out this weeks NME if you don't believe me....

To preview the EP we've been treated to its title track "Ophelia", Bird's most ambitious (and perhaps best) track to date, starting with a deep bass line and psychedelic guitar patterns it highlights a different side to the bands previous recorded output, one I've previously encountered in their live show, a hypnotic and sprawling groove that hooks you in even before the 'signature' Bird sound enters, soon enough though Adele and Sian's majestic harmonies flutter siren-like with grace and beauty to send you to heavenly plains.

I'm away on the London date on March 2nd, come back soon please. I'll add an EP pre-order link here when I find one - digital pre-order via iTunes.