Bored Spies - New Music "Introducing"

Bored Spies is a three-piece band from Singapore, their debut single Summer 720 is due later this Spring on 7" and contains two instantly endearing power-pop beauties...

A little bit of searching leads me to find their vocalist / guitarist is Cherie Ko from Obedient Wives Club (who coincidently will be back on the blog in their own right very shortly) and Bored Spies similarly traverse dreamy, melodic planes but instead of a hazy Best Coast-esque sound with quick-paced, fuzzed out guitars "Summer 720" plays soft and smooth with languid beats, shimmering guitar and sweet, sweet vocals

I've no idea how to start naming the tracks flip side but it's equally atmospheric and swoon-some, hushed vocals and a blanket of luscious textures caressing your mind, gorgeous.

The band are due to play Primavera in May with a London date planned on June 2nd at the Sebright Arms.