Catnaps - Shuteye EP

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One thing you can absolutely guarantee as a new band blog author is that there is always more new music than you possibly listen to in one lifetime. I'll use that as my excuse for not coming across the delicious fuzz pop band Catnaps before, with an album under their sleeves already from 2011 and a single last year it was the recently released Shuteye EP that came to my attention..

Opener "Cherry Lips" introduces a polished 90's punk-pop sound with a dollop of surf rock and attitude to boot. Here guitar and bass sound perfect, equally raw and smooth with sour-sweet vocals and tumbling drums, its shining hooks and catchy bounce charms immediately. Similarly "Novelty" is full of dreamy energy, a perfectly married combination of lovely vocals and slow-burning, sparkling guitars.

The highlight for me though in undoubtedly "Trouble", a track which in itself is a bit of a departure from the other two on the EP, blossoming from a sedate acoustic opening with soft, whispered vocals to an exhilarating fuzzed-up monsoon of noise, a sonic wall of sound that's blisteringly distorted, melodic, beautiful, magnificent.

You can download the Shuteye EP on a pay-what-you-like basis from Bandcamp now.