Dog In The Snow #2 - Fear


Dog In The Snow released their new video last week (I posted about their first three last month), entitled "Fear" its title tells you alone that the Brighton duo are taking their stark sounds to the next level of haunting / creepy. Echoing around bleak landscapes "Fear" is their most dramatic track to date and also possibly their best....

Amongst a sparse mix of melodramatic choral vocals, minimal guitar and soft synths heavy toms burst out as the repetitive rhythms make up a delightfully eerie, unsettling melody. "Fear's" sombre-hued mysteriousness chills amongst Helen's deadpan delivery and will no doubt find a home with fans of darkly-laced music.

There's a break in "Fear" when it all goes a bit mental with various sound effects sounding like the murder scene off a low budget horror film - that's my favourite bit.