Field Mouse #3 - Tomorrow Is Yesterday

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Brooklyn shoegaze quartet Field Mouse already have a couple of killer 7" to their name ("You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mom" and "How Do You Know" if you didn't already know), and now they return with their punchiest, power-pop track to date "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" (taken from an as yet unannounced album to follow later this year).

Whilst there's hardly anything new about "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" the nostalgic cocktail of 90's fuzz-laden guitars, crashing drums and dreamy female vocals is used to winning effect. Rachel's sensual vocals are so soft and effortless in their beauty that you can almost float amongst them and the chugging bass-line bursts with toe-tapping energy while swirling textures similarly embed in your brain making "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" a two and a half minute dose of sugary hooks and shoegaze master-class - who can refuse that?

I'll also point you in the direction of their blissful rendition of the Twin Peaks theme song from their last 7"; delicate, hazy perfection...