GAPS - New Music "Introducing"


Brighton duo Rachel & Ed aka GAPS are relatively new on the music scene (under this current guise anyway, they may have previously been in another band, I don't know), but have already amassed a handful of tracks on their soundcloud and have already received glowing praise from some highly regarded blogs.

Their sound can't be immediately pigeon-holed too easily, seemingly a combination of desolate laments set to sparse backdrops of electronic music that floats under a sea of folk roots with a smidge of dub added for good effect...

Their debut "Belong" is probably my favourite, minimalistic and ethereal with beautifully imposing key strokes adding a dramatic element to ambient synths and breathy vocals which progresses with folky acoustic plucks and sonic textures.

"The Void" paints an equally bare landscape with airy experimental sounds full of spacious echoes while latest teaser "Inside Your Head" combines increasingly electronic nuances with heavenly vocals and mellow guitar creating the sort of melancholic but sweet ambience that should be the soundtrack to many a after-hours playlist.