Just Handshakes #2 - London Bound

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I band I fell completely smitten with last year were Just Handshakes (although they had previously featured here back in April 2011). The last six months or so I've been patiently waiting for news of their next release content with listening to their debut 7", demo tape and a sampler CD given to my Clara at a Beautiful Strange gig last year (there are earlier CD singles that I missed out on). Earlier today that wait was over as news reached me of the first single to be taken from their forthcoming debut full length Say It, the wonderful "London Bound"...

The single is one you may have heard previously as a demo on the aforementioned tape, here it comes alive with studio polish and instantly finds a sweet place in your brain with its infectious, swirling melody. Gorgeously contagious "London Bound" glistens with upbeat, indie pop charm amongst rat-a-tat percussion, shimmering keys and jangly guitars whilst Clara's fragile, distinctive vocals resonate with sweet, enduring ease. "London Bound" is a track that perfectly captures the essence of Just Handshakes - consider me excited for more.

London Bound is released digitally via Bleeding Gold Records on Feb 18th with the album, as yet, without a date.