Le Page - Ileana / Closure


An email came into my inbox before Christmas, I discovered it late last night. How very silly of me, consider this blog my long overdue apology...

Le Page are from Greece and currently reside in Athens and Paris, the minimalist dream-pop of their latest digital single "Ileana" highlights a beautiful, psychedelic, 60s film-noiry sound with soft, airy vocals and cinematic soundscapes much akin to Still Corners. It's one I have instantly fallen in love with and no doubt, if you are still reading this, you will too. "Ileana" is slightly sinister yet wholly gorgeous, a mixture of sweetly sung breathy vocals and intoxicating melody, with spooky organ swirls and rat-a-tat drum machine beats keeping you on the edge of your seat.

"Closure" is slower and more purposeful, recalling 80's synth-pop's darker moments with a ghostly key melody leading dual, suspenseful vocals. Atmospheric for sure and equally impressive too.

Download the single for free via Sonic Playground now.