Marika Hackman #2 - That Iron Taste

Since I featured Marika Hackman last August there's been a lot of new material from the busy young singer/songwriter, you can download a free Covers EP from Markia's website here and there has been a series of acoustic videos seemingly recorded in a subway tunnel to accompany news that a mini-album release That Iron Taste is due next week via Dirty Hit.

The albums advanced previews have done much to heighten anticipation for the release with Marika's poetic lyrics and disarming honesty bringing strength to the highlight "Cannibal", a delicious (pun) ambient soft psychedelic-folk track which swirls around experimental instrumentation and soothing, ethereal vocals as the dark-ish lyrics strike home. "Retina Television" sounds fresh, odd and haunting. Here the use of some unorthodox sounds (and lack of any traditional instruments) combines with Marika's natural, refreshing voice to create an atmospheric, hazy gaze in which you can immerse yourself fully.

A captivating young artist shows the first signs of a talent that could keep listeners happy for years to come.