No Joy #5 - Lunar Phobia


I can trace my following of No Joy right back to their beginning. A band that I've held in high regard since their debut 7" blew me away back in mid 2010. My love grew with a couple of killer UK shows and a deafening Primavera set the following spring (I've said this before but No Joy are definitely an act to see live). I don't think the band headed to Europe with last years Negaverse EP but hopefully that will change this year with the announcement of their second LP Wait to Pleasure (due via Mexican Summer on April 22nd), and its lead track "Lunar Phobia" to stream...

The track sees the band diversify somewhat, less blast your face off skyscraper sized noise with buzz saw drone and frenetic pacing and more sun-kissed daydreams as swirling layers of gorgeous psychedelia and languid, processed beats melt your heart, more akin to the likes of 90's shoegazers Curve, where beautiful ethereal vocals guide the mellow, melodic glow. Lovely stuff indeed.