Oh Odessa - New Music "Introducing"

Facebook / ohodessa.bandcamp.com

I've always been (and will probably be) notoriously slow to processing emails in my inbox, it doesn't really take that long to siphon through the ones which are completely irrelevant to the blog (unroll.me helps too) and then leave yourself with ones that are worth investigating further. This though is where the time consuming bit really starts.

If I listen to ten tracks/acts in full (about the number I'm normally left with) on a daily basis that would take up most of the time I have to write a blog, so naturally some personal filtering has to come into place. Often those acts which you've never heard of before but like the sound of take the longest to process, purely for timing reasons, you want to listen to a record a few times to form a proper opinion on it.

That's basically what happened here, Brooklyn based quartet Oh Odessa came to my attention over a month ago now but I wanted write a considered summation when the time was right and not a rush job. Their self titled debut album (which was actually released as far back as January 2012 and is available to stream and purchase via bandcamp now) is an intoxicating blend of emotionally charged folk-rock and acoustic grace led by Jeni Magana's breathy, gorgeous vocals and beautiful song-writing.

Opener "Tempting Fate" is full of haunting, homely charm with ukulele plucks and fluttering drums roaming free, the next track "Wrong Things" is similarly majestic, soft, delicate and exuding prettiness throughout. "Another Boy" and "Silent Sound" bring together an energetic, well-honed sound and match it with a powerful set of songs that attack you with feeling. The latter especially slow burns with unexpected twists and haunting depth, building around echoey instrumentation and swathes of beautiful, heartbreaking wonder.

I think my favourite track from the record is "What The World Doesn't Know" which reminds me of St Vincent, a rich and mystical tapestry which creep and crawls around your brain. I really like the cover of "Female of the Species" on the bands tumblr too. Thanks inbox.