Polar Bear - New Music "Introducing"


Austrian duo Polar Bear only have a couple of tracks on their soundcloud page to base these superlatives (and with a facebook page created as recently as September 2012 I'm assuming they are quite newly formed) on but the lo-fi demos introduce a beautiful restrained electro pop sound of pared-down minimalism and fragile wonder.

Their track "Twenty-Something" came as my introduction and the glistening night-time synth overtures come across somewhere between The XX and the Drive soundtrack with twinkling keys and guitar effects taking me to a place far, far away.

"And The Fire" is likewise full of subtle, moody ambience with contrasting male/female vocals blending perfectly with the blissful melody. Haunting, raw and engaging, I doubt this will be the last I hear of this Polar Bear. Buzz-blog stardom awaits?