Soap&Skin #5 - Sugarbread

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Are you ready? I hope so. This track is going to knock you for six. It is huge.

According to my earlier posts (I've forgotten) I came across Anja Plaschg (aka Soap&Skin) in early 2010 via A strange discovery format for me I must admit but a cool one, I'm an out and out geek and do love tracking my statistics (regular readers won't be surprised to learn Caitlin Rose is head and shoulders above anything else on my tracked plays - since about 2007). Anyway, Soap&Skin has since become one of my favourite artists, Lovetune For Vacuum is close to being one of my Desert Island Discs (if the invention of mp3 has made such issues trivial) and her live show at Union Chapel was one of the most incredible, unpredictable, emotive shows I've ever seen - and I've seen about 500.

Her new track "Sugarbread" is taken from a stand alone 7" of the same name which closes the Narrow period of work. You can pre-order it from the Soap&Skin shop now - released 11th March - it's intense, chaotic, amazing. A goose-bumps inducing track supported by a video of collaged imagery and sound effects which combine to dramatic, almost disturbing results. Captivating yet beautiful, traits which almost perfectly sum up Soap&Skin. I'm looking forward to the next album already.

Soap&Skin - Sugarbread from Soap&Skin on Vimeo.