The Aquadolls - New Music "Introducing"

It's Valentines's Day, love is in the air and we are all happy with our loved ones. Or so the card shops and florists would have us believe. Any, ignoring the cynical aspects of commercialism behind I'll concentrate on a band I've been aiming to post about for a while, California's The Aquadolls. They came to my attention on the same Bandcamp session that led to me discovering La Luz, I ordered their We Are Free EP CD that day and it arrived at my house shortly afterwards in the most personalised packaging I've ever received - major brownie points there.

There are so many tracks (with more added on a seemingly weekly basis) that It's hard to know where to start with their music on a little blog posting like this. I'll concentrate on a few of their most recent releases, today came a digital Valentine's Day 7" called First Kiss. The title-track is super sweet, languid drums and guitar shimmers create a dreamy, youthful sound around gorgeous doo-wop choruses, it sounds like falling in love for the first time all over again.

A quick scan through their discography so far finds a host of recordings continuing with the nostalgic day-dreams interlaced with a rough and ready psychedelic garage edge. Most of The Aquadolls' material so far (principally the bedroom made work of Melissa Brooks) are raw demos with fuzzy surf rock melodies and jangly pop hooks singing songs of love old and new. Perhaps best seen on the wonderful "Honey" which is laid-back, warm and just lovely. Then there's the thrashy but sweet "Sinus Infection" or the fleetingly short number "My My Baby" which defines the bands slightly sloppy approach, or you could equally point to the super charged fun-times of "I'm Your Burger Dream Girl", with a title alone that tells you this is a band that don't take themselves too seriously

There's a shed load of merch and digital tracks on the bands bandcamp - so spoil yourself (or your Valentine if you'd rather. If you are a cheapskate - damn you and you can download "First Kiss" (and quite a few other great tracks including another act I've planned for posting very soon) on the 17 track Sincerely California Valentine's Day mix-tape over here.