The Beautiful Word - New Music "Introducing"

I must be going soft in my old age, progressing from the dark, moody miserabilist of my youth to increasingly beautiful and bright music now I'm a veteran (over 30). This band even come with a pre-warning of their soft and happy being in their name, Brighton quintet The Beautiful Word sound as gorgeous as their name indicates with entwined vocals of songwriters Emily and Megan beautifully floating around delicate, restrained folk-pop instrumentation.

Latest single "May Not Be Love" perfectly sums that up, with gorgeous melodies and harmonies it's easy on the ears and should melt even the sternest of hearts with sweetly sung vocals that will stick in your head and make you smile all day long. Earlier "Emily" similarly glistens with light, infectious ease, a chiming music box of unapproachable beauty as pretty-as-a-flower lyrics guide fluttering drum beats and wondering bass grooves. Lovely indeed.

Download for free via the soundcloud links below with live dates in London and local Sussex venues on their website.