Thea & The Wild - New Music "Introducing"

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So on the day The Great Escape announced their first wave of acts (head to their website to see that - I give it 6/10 - a little too 'buzzy' for me) I'll bring a couple of acts who would fit in perfectly at the festival (hint to organisers). Thea & The Wild is led by Thea Glenton Raknes from Oslo, their debut single "Cry Sometimes" is a great, breezy pop tune with some rough-edged guitar and individual, experimental subtleties. Amongst a web of rich instrumentation this gloriously melodic radio friendly track is quirky and beautifully refreshing throughout.

The only other track currently available is a demo called "Trains" which revs up the fuzz level with gritty, snarling guitars adding a level of filth to seductive keys and percussive claps, it's not quite garage-rock, it's far too well produced and slick for that and Thea's vocals, whilst direct, are beautiful and clean but it is hypnotic and endearing and I'm looking forward to hearing more from my latest in a long line of Scandinavian finds.