Tiny Fireflies #2 // Baffin Island - Split Single

Baffin Island (pictured left) - Facebook
Tiny Fireflies (pictured below) - Facebook

Two for one today - how I spoil you. Though I almost missed the email with these gems in altogether - the word vs. in its title completely put me off - it brought instant thoughts of mash-ups and remixes, neither things I am very fond of... The truth though is somewhat simpler, it's simply two acts covering each other.

One of the acts have been covered here before, Chicago duo Tiny Fireflies who appeared as a delicious Valentine's Day offering last year, their dreamy, luscious vein of pop is the sort of thing to cause butterflies in your stomach and the other is a new act to me, Baffin Island. A trans-continental trio named by the mid point of their geographical locations (if you go the long way round) who fill a traditional upbeat, jangle indie-pop sound with multi-instrumented melodies, infinite charm and pure vocals.

Tiny Fireflies add harmonising vocals on their lovely version of "You Make Two Weeks Two Days" where sparse casio-led strokes and drum machine patterns wash you with bitter-sweet memories whereas "Baffin Island" bring instant joy and bright melodies to "So Sad To Say Goodbye" which is so utterly loveable from the outset of sweet vocals, shuffling percussion and swirling keys.

You can download the Across Oceans split single for free via the ever reliable EardrumsPop label. It should be more than enough to whet your appetite and luckily for you (and me) both acts also have a previous (and similarly free) EP's out by the same label (Tiny Fireflies // Baffin Island) - they're wonderful so go and fill your boots.