Torres #2 - Jealousy and I

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As far as I'm concerned you can't beat a live airing of a song to portray the real thought-process behind it, often a studio version can gloss over some aspects of a tracks meaning but when seen live, you can often fully understand or even first-hand witness the outpouring of intense human emotions that came to make a single track, here's one such case for you. Although Torres has yet to play a UK date so the 'live' airing is in fact a studio session....

The track "Jealousy and I" is already one of my favourites from her (Mackenzie Scott's) self-titled debut (available now digitally via bandcamp).Open and honest from the start, with bare-boned guitar shimmers and reverb pretty much the only accompaniment to Torres' hauntingly personal songs, the out-poring of emotion is there for all to see but on this live version (for Ripped Ears) the intensity is ramped up ten-fold, jaw dropping and heart-wrenching at the same time, one thing for sure, you simply can't take your eyes off it.

Pre-order links for the physical version of the album of available via Torres' website.