Tristen #2 - No One's Gonna Know


Tristen featured two years ago with an Introducing post but in truth her debut full-length 2011's Charlatans At The Garden Gate should definitely have been mentioned here more (iTunes tells me I last listened to her in June of the same year - a mistake).

Tristen seemingly missed the ears of pretty much every journo this side of the Atlantic too, it's strange because Tristen has all the attributes that could easily have placed her on a similar level to fellow Nashville resident (and friend - they've featured and written with each other too I believe) Caitlin Rose. A beautiful, clean voice with crisp, country-pop songs which shine lyrically. Rich with atmosphere and with a touch of twang, "Easy for your Love" and "Baby Drugs" are a perfect fit for UK radio.

My memory got well and truly jogged with an email about Tristen's second record Caves. Well more to the point, a Kickstarter project to raise the funds to release it. It came with a link to "No One's Gonna Know" (see below), a wonderful track which could well be her best track to date, something of a new approach with the addition of synthesizers and drum machine beats to her guitar and string flourishes. With polished production and her gorgeous voice, Tristen shouldn't be left ignored by the UK press for long, not if I can help it anyway.

You can pledge to CAVES via Kickstarter now and pick up her earlier work here.