Woman's Hour #3 - To The End


Woman's Hour announced their return last October in smouldering fashion with the understated "Our Love Has No Rhythm". Since the now London based quartet have been steadily playing live shows around the capital before earlier this week announcing their new single (backed by the aforementioned "Our Love..") To The End (released via Parlour Records on April 8th - pre-order now).

No, not a cover of the marvellous Blur song of the same name (nor the even better duet with Françoise Hardy that was the highlight of the "Country House" single), "To The End" is an unhurried track that's even more liable to be described as luxurious, slow-motion bliss, with vocalist Fiona Burgess' romantic coos and carefully orchestrated electronic nuances guiding restrained percussion it's as beautiful and fragile as anything 2013 has offered us so far.