Belle Mare - New Music "Introducing"

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Something to really immerse yourself in now, from the low-key acoustic strumming of the outstanding stand-out "The Boat of the Fragile Mind" this is a record that will stay with you long after it's finished playing, spacious, sparse and overwhelming beautiful, Brooklyn based duo Belle Mare have created a truly haunting, atmospheric wonder with the eight track mini-album of the same name.

"All This Time" comes closest to hitting the pre-billing 'dream pop' sound, it's definitely dreamy, sleepy music with a languid, electronic wash sweeping through its rich textures but it's moody and melancholic and Amelia Bushell's whispers are tinged in darkness, the London born vocalists honey-toned voice is a true highlight, woozy and nostalgic, dusky and enchanting, drenched in reverb throughout it adds much more than words to the minimalistic soundscapes.

Belle Mare are a band for a mature, thoughtful appetite perfect for those after-hours solitary moments, deep in thoughts or with a glass of malt, the vulnerability in "Rehearsed Lines" or the eerie tapestry of piano echoes of "Deep In Your Dark" both hit equally hard on this compelling, sophisticated release.

The Boat of The Fragile Mind is due for release on April 9th via bandcamp and the usual digital outlets with a CD/Tape release available at future shows.