Chloe Foy - New Music "Introducing"

Chloe Foy is a Manchester based Singer/Songwriter who fell into my inbox last week, her latest single (released this week on iTunes) "In the Middle of the Night" came as my introduction but follows last years "I've Got a Feeling", two tracks only but both indicate a talent that could soon see Chloe stand-out amongst the current crop of new folksters looking to follow in the footsteps of Laura Marling and the such.

The strength of Chloe's voice, self-confidence of her ability and depth of her song-craft is already shown in abundance."In the Middle of the Night" is beautifully written both lyrically and musically, delicate and haunting at times and thoughtfully quirky at others. From acoustic beginnings with her beautiful voice and poetic lyrics at the fore it builds to a flourishing finale of carefully constructed percussion and backing harmonies rousing you to attention with uplifting, grandiose aplomb.

"I've Got a Feeling" is quite stunning, a breeze-blown acoustic lead ebbs and flows with gorgeous, enchanting effect around stirring instrumentation, a sophisticated track that rewards multiple listens with it's rich and powerful melody with deep, dark broodings - just wonderful