CURXES #5 - Further Still

In Early December CURXES surprised us all with stripped back festive cover of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas", it highlighted a new side to the Portsmouth/Brighton duo, intimate and stark, elegant and beautiful where the darkly dramatic “sound of two robots f*cking" (tm Breaking More Waves") made way for a softer, reflective sound with Roberta's soaring voice providing goosebumps throughout.

Now comes "Further Still", Curxes first track of 2013 (after an incredibly successful 2012 which saw them feature in BBC Six Music's poll of most blogged about UK artists). The track similarly holds its power in its restraint, nestling on the verge of explosion throughout, you keep expecting the track to morph into a mechanical synth beasts a la "Haunted Gold" or "Spectre" but it doesn't, it remains understated throughout and it dazzles for that, Roberta's vocal is sublime throughout, oozing with emotive power amongst a chiming melody that can really only be described as gorgeous.

You're probably going to want to press play on this one again. Expect more from Curxes soon.