Dark Bells #2 - Wildflower


When I did my long, waffling introducing post on the London based (but 2/3's Sydney native) Dark Bells last year after the release of their first taster single "Want" I surmised that a live version of the track which has now been announced as its follow-up "Wildflower" was 'an equally incredible whirlwind of epic-sized, wall of sound'.

That in a nutshell the track may be, but I could elaborate and comment on the tracks swirling, guitar tapestry or its hypnotic beat or the beauty of the rich psychedelic melody or Teneil Throssell transfixing vocals. Basically what I am saying is "Wildflower" is, as I stated before, fucking incredible.

"Wildflower" is released on limited 7" via Tape Club Records on May 6th. The band have been added to the Field Day line-up, a sign of things to come indeed.